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KardiyolojiÇankaya Hospital has been recognized in Turkey for its success in cardiology. The hospital continues to provide its cardiology services with the aim of offering all patients complete methods on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart disease. Today, the unit has two well known cardiologists whom are specialized in all aspects of cardiovascular disease and continiously provide patients with care.

All types of medical treatments such as Angioplasty, balloon angioplasty for myocardial infarctions, and stent implantation are being performed. Cardiac disease patients are diagnosed and treated efficiently by the use of latest technology. The department is open for 24 hrs.

Çankaya Hospital’s cardiology outpatient clinic services offer echo cardiography, treadmill stress echocardiography, electrocardiogram tests for patients. The heart’s electrical activity is examined with ultrasound and echocardiography to diagnose any impairment of function. With stress echocardiography the heart’s functional capacity and muscle ischemia or dead tissues are diagnosed. With these tests our doctors examine the heart rhythm, pace, and ischemia.

Invasive Cardiology

Coronary angiography, angioplasty, pacemaker implantations are successfully carried out by the cardiology department.

EPS- Electrophysiologic study is performed by threading thin plastic tubes catheters into a vein where the leg connects to the abdomen by the aid of a local anesthetic. The catheters are then passed under fluoroscopic guidance into the heart. These catheters measure the electrical signals generated by the heart. With this procedure, doctors gather perform a more extensive analysis compared to an electrocardiogram (ECG). The catheters pace the heart. The electrical conduction system of the heart is measured and the doctor observes if there are abnormal heart rhythms . After the results of the EPS the medical team decides whether a patient needs a pacemaker. EPS also determines whether past treatment for a fast heart rhythm has been satisfactory for the patient.

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Electrocardiography ECG
  • Echocardiography
  • Treadmill stress test
  • Holter monitor (24-hour ECG recording)

Therapeutic Procedures

  • Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease
  • Treatment of Heart Failure
  • Treatment of Cardiac Arrhythmias and Conduction Disorders
  • Treatment of Valvular Heart Diseases
  • Treatment of Peripheral Vascular Disorders
  • Treatment of Aortic Disorders
  • Treatment of Hypertension
  • Treatment of Hypercholesterolemia